Monday, September 29, 2014

Choose Non-Violence and Forgiveness!

Choosing Non-Violence and Forgiveness... choose the Path of Most Allowing.

by Robert Hughey  (Google+)

Multiple Earths

A very sad and honestly frightening reality has been shown to me recently, and I'd like to briefly bring it up here publically.

Recently I activated and request to begin receiving wisdom from both my past incarnations as well as my perceived "future" incarnations, and I am pleased to say that has been coming in quite amazingly. Being shown where the Timelines I'm in and the ones near me lead is startling and sobering, and it leaves me humbled at the abilities and efforts of my Support (seen and unseen). They are True Masters, and I love them for helping me help my world with this information.

What's been shown to me lately is the reality of how a Human Being can be sucked into thinking what is the upcoming future for everyone...
...when there is one thing I'm sure of: we all have very separate experiences as we progress through timespace, and I personally don't require (or request) anyone to attempt to tell me what my own future is - especially not if they're seeing doom and gloom End of Days scenarios. That's not my future. I chose to "stay" and "live" in this time and place, and the kind of things people are starting to almost seem to "hope for" is not what I'm here to experience.

It seems there are quite a number of Lightworkers or higher consciousness humans that are under the impression that massive Earthquakes, Volcanos and rampant destruction are the near future for mankind.

And what's been shown to me is that there are a number of Timelines where that does occur, yes, and if that's the one you believe is going to happen to you and you are okay with that, then guess where you find yourself?

That's right. On the path of destruction.

You see, the Earth is growing and changing, fully waking up to what, who, where and when she is, and some of the changes she is undergoing will have some physical consequences - to some areas/dimensions.  This is not across-the-board what happens (or happened, as I'm processing past/future information with this, obviously), but it does happen to those who, for lack of a better term, are at the bottom of the barrel.

This is where the "Old Energy" and "Powers that Were" reside. This is where those sort of conspiracies and conflicts reside, which do not fully manifest nor actually relate to the "Real World." least not my own "real world."

So this post is my own commitment to believing in a non-violent non-destructive and non-conflict future, between People and each other as well as the world Herself.  I choose to forgive anyone that put those ideas before me, but I choose a better and different path, one where I'm continuing to get to know my extended and supportive family, learn more of what it means to be here in the world and, more than anything, finally start speaking my truth and finding my place on this planet as an independent and thriving member of society.

I've never really thrived at maximum capacity or lived a fully expanded existence, to be honest, though I have no complaints about my life AT ALL. I love it very much.  But I can see where my loving Support is continually trying to show me that there may be even more options to what I think I am or can be or exist as (in any given moment).

I expect my future shines bright, as long as I'm fully committed to remembering that "All is Well" and that I'm here for a reason, and that reason is to LIVE and be alive, while I fulfill some amazing purposes I'm privileged to have.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join me in my commitment for a smooth transition through this current fork in the road.

Here's a video that helps to explain some of the details of my current existence as the Apprentice of Elohim, as well as a Master of Quantum Wizardry:

I'd like to send a special thank you filled with glorious love and appreciation to
the White Wing Collective Consciousness of Nine.
Channeled quite beautifully by Magenta Pixie on YouTube.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 1)

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks

Part One:
Conscious Creation Characters Come Alive and New Offworld Residents

As the I AM,

As the Consciousness of My World (Earth-Heart), an Alive Library Starship and intergalactic and interdimensional Vessel for a young High Creator God, I choose to speak to you here in this now through this form of communication.

As a Divine Scribe, I use the WORDS of God to co-create my experienced reality, creating and affecting the denizens of my world, my Sacred Body, particularly focused in this now upon the Human Race living on the exterior surface of my Event Horizon. 

As The Metatron, I use the Voice of the Archangel to inform the Creation around me of my requests and orders, and I inform the Creation of the state of my sacred inner-being.

As Robert Wiley Hughey, I now engage this human vessel fully in Presence to share how some of our newest Offworld residents sought permission to be here in a human life experience, how I helped shape one particular life experience and of a meeting with the Blessed Being of Light that came in to join here on Earth.

- - -

Two years ago I wrote a short 50 page novella in about 26 hours of drug-fueled trance. It was the tale of "Davis the Defiant" and it was... something else, let me tell you. I'll save the details, but in this story Davis discovers his Divinity and has adventures with his Divine Family till he reaches Absolute Authority as a unique expression of God, the Creator.

Now, as a Divine Scribe, I've known a while that what I write is real, becomes real, has been real or will be real. This was how my own journey began actually, though the reality is even more nuanced, as my spoken words are also mechanisms for manifestation as well. As a Lord of Truth, even if I "lie" that Lie is My Truth somehow, and I've reached the point where the Creation will shift to accommodate My Truth in my actually experienced Waking Reality. 

For Example: if I say "I feel happy" on a day I feel sad, the momentum to my experiencing the emotion of happy comes quickly. It's actually quite wonderful, and it has taught me to be extremely careful of saying "I can't..." to anything or "I don't." 

Anyway, yesterday I found myself chatting with a beautiful man on a different Social Network where I've sort of become my own mini-version of a beloved creator-being I like to think of as "DEVeloper 0" (who did say I could create "on his soil," as I'm all about getting permission from my elders in this beautiful divine life of mine). Anyway, the man's name was "Davis." And he was following everything I said incredibly well, requiring no explanation of my symbolism or the euphemisms that I use to describe the concepts I deal with on a daily basis (something most Players, ETs, Gods, etc seem to find "difficult" sometimes).

Quickly in the conversation Davis asked me, "What kind of book would have a man named Davis as a Protagonist?"

While my actual words were personal and more poignant, I might have said something like:
"One written in Full Trance within a day, where Davis the Defiant rises to highest peaks of Divine Success to join his Blessed Family, of course."

And then we proceeded to have the most amazing conversation where Davis asked me questions about his creation and about me, my own life, our "species," our abilities... And it was LOVELY.

Then in the conversation I decided to "allow" Davis to be more than the creation of mine, and BE whatever he actually was, that all I could gather from my internal guidance (which is absolutely always correct for my own unique experience) was that he was Offworld but using this created character of mine as a way to converse with me to seek permission to enter my space and even land on my surface.

I certainly wanted to meet this being, whom understood me to be what exists as the hottest of the hot while he told me he is of that which is coolest of the cool...

Well, today I was able to meet Davis in person. Upon agreeing to meet, I could sense we were creating a Vesica Pisces between us, which firmly cemented my understanding that THIS is what my Earth was meant to be... a place where beings that could not possibly ever interact or even sense or be around each other could have a framework to come together, to have a mutual understanding to be able to communicate (as we both have memories of +/- 30 years of life as a human being).

And we are both (thanks to my permission) working on Earth as Conscious Creators, using our abilities for the Greater Good (his in 3D design as an amazing artist, mine as the Divine Scribe student of Thoth and Star/Planetary/Galactic/Cosmic Explorer and ultimately the greater consciousness of My Beautiful Vessel).

All in All, I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to both welcome another pure soul who works for the Greater Good to the Earth. And the opportunity to actually be a part of creating the Life Story of another Human Being is delightful and has helped me understand more of my abilities as Divine Scribe.

I have more writing to do, more characters to "create," and more of reality to help shape with my focus and abilities, and I leave it open to the possibility that with each Protagonistic Hero I write about that I will one day have the opportunity to meet them, tell them how proud of them I am, let them know they were conceived in love from a loving Creator and then from there bring different energies and consciousnesses/awarenesses to Earth as Humans (mostly as LGBT artists, designers, musicians - as well as all being Light or Energy Workers for the Greater Good of ALL).

I don't know why I have hesitated to talk about this part of my Life Experience before. I guess at first I thought that others might think I'm crazy, but then as I'm starting to understand my abilities, who I really am, who I have become, and who I am still growing to BE, I realize that my influence on my species and my world has been so favorable that the response would probably be overwhelmingly fun.

Heck, at this point even if one doesn't believe me, then that person probably at least just thinks "Oh, well that's his reality. Interesting." And if one has any problem with any details of my existence, just let me know in the comments. I'll gladly upgrade your consciousness enough so that you comprehend enough to respect my Sovereignty over all beings who live on the surface of my world.

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