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Galactic Energy
Galactic Energy Ascension

On this page, I simply wanted to officially recognize the synchronicity I have personally been experiencing through an interesting mix of technology. By acknowledging this, I further anchor myself to receiving these communications.

Through the text messages, Facebook messages, several social apps and then the several websites where I felt personally drawn, there has been an interwoven message.  Quite simply, by recognizing it as a potential resource for me to communicate with "the rest of myself" or "the Divine," that allows the seed of communication to really sprout.  Recognizing a so-called "supernatural" connection and communication is the first step to anchoring the channel firmly into one's waking (or "experienced") reality.

Some of the websites and pages I've really found a lot of meaning:

Truth Codes, channelings by Karen Doonan - a mentor, friend and source of Light in the world. She channels many frequencies of communication from across the various realms and dimensions associated with Earth Reality, of which my greatest connection comes through as the Archangels - also called the Archangeloi of the Elohim.

Karen's other websites I found particularly illuminating are The Galactic Portal and the Crystalline Sanctuary - two excellent websites on the starseed phenomenon, lightworkers and activation and communications with inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial intelligent life. Karen's gifts are amazing, and I highly recommend her services to assist one to connect to your Galactic Family, a service she calls "Talking to the Universe."
It's a beautiful service she offers to the world.

My Galactic Connections

Galactic Angels
The Macrocosm of Infinity - Parallel to the Microcosm of the Infinite

That word, Elohim, is very powerful for me.  The first time I said it out loud, several orbs quickly came to my attention. I thought that they were the Elohim, and since then I've realized these were my own Angelic guides. And further introspective investigation revealed an even more startling revelation: they not only are my guides, but they are literally other aspects/facets of my very being. They're energy forms made up of my own energy, or at least that's my impression currently. Research online shows definitions from God or Gods all the way to a race of elder Galactic beings. Somehow I do feel that they're the Creators of Earth and Earth-life, but that more than that - they're also the collective essence (or one of them) that is the Source of the Awareness of that very life on Earth.

That's a concept that's still coming into focus though, so I'll remain open to clarity to see if I can get more details and understanding on it. is a website whose instructions and work had a profound effect on me.  They have several free video activations that I literally found would come out of the video screen (I play them on my living room flatscreen), and 'connect' with me in a very profound and real way. The resulting increase in my clairessence and clairvoyance was substantial. My etheric body (aka my Lightbody) has activated and continually become a major part of my awareness of "me."

And if any or all of that last bit went over your head, that's okay too. I only became aware of the interesting human energy field this year. Apparently, like most of our experiences in this place we call reality - when giving the field actual attention, it becomes incredibly more empowered and "real."

Check out the free evolution and activation videos on Lightworker's Evolution Center if you'd like the energetic boost, and if you're up for one of the classes they teach through the Internet, you can even be awarded the Title of Lightmaster - something I very much am interested in though I do feel may not be absolutely necessary for my life's purpose.  Maybe instead I'm simply supposed to share it with whoever actually reads this page of this almost hidden blog of mine.

Other Webpages of Note:

Angel Therapy Blog

Metatronic Healing - The Archangel Metatron is a very powerful energy within the forces of the Light. I have had divine guidance that Metatron is "the vehicle," which I found to be a multidimensional answer, to be honest. I'm coming to terms that my soul can be called Michael, with that energy's blessing and protection, but somehow the physical body or human vehicle may be associated with the beautiful resonance of Metatron.  Well, at Metatronic Life, they've some beautiful meditations and systems of healing using those blessed Metatronic Energies. I highly recommend at least checking out their free mediation/energy healing downloads and books.

Angel Guided Meditations

Channelcast TV

Blazing Portals

Orion Network for Evolution

New Age Earthlings

Galactic Spacebook

And last but not least, for today anyway, the Open Hand Foundation. This website and the material within it really touched my heart in a profound way. I can't begin to fully express the amount of comfort these words gave me during a time I felt a little overwhelmed by my own fears and doubts.

Eternal Universal Copyright  © Robert Wiley Hughey
All Rights Reserved, though Anything Channelled or Written many be reproduced if the entire article/content is kept as one cohesive unit and includes links to this blog as original SOURCE material. Also, a mental/etheric/energetic gift of energy to the author is greatly appreciated and encouraged.


  1. I am recuperating from a complicated surgery This has given me the time to learn from and connect with people whom I have not encountered much before. In the Ascended Apprentice, my soul feels like it has encountered a very special soul evolved from intense passion, grounded humility and attractive gentleness. Humans might call him a mensch. Anyone who has him in his life is truly blest.

    1. For anyone who needs the definition, a "mensch" is a person of high-integrity or a person who values the honorable path, and for David to say I might be called such touched me tonight. What a blessing you've given me, kind soul. Thank you for coming to my little corner of the Internet, and you're welcome here anytime! Please make yourself at home, and I thank you for your presence and your words. Ah, my own words fail to express the depths of gratitude I have for this comment. I think I needed the encouragement especially more than normal tonight, and you've uplifted me with your pat on the back. I can feel your energetic soul saying, "Keep going, Robert. Keep at it!" Thank you. Truly: thank you.


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